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Demystifying the Village

Anyone remember the old adage, “A friend in need, is a friend indeed?”  The concept of surrounding ourselves with community is not new. Did you grow up not only knowing your neighbors socially, but also knowing they were there to help if you needed something? Do you remember going next door to borrow a cup of sugar?  It seemed that our neighborhoods were full of helpers and many still are!

As we stroll down memory lane, who remembers neighbors helping each other with household chores, lending a helping hand with garden projects or calling to see if we needed anything at the market? Many of us have memories of a neighbor who was ill or needed support and neighbors would call, come by, drop off a dinner, or offer to help in any way they could. You may fondly recall neighbors getting together to celebrate birthdays, holidays, or being invited over to share a meal. A village is just that!

Villages are a group of people, maybe not in the same neighborhood, but, with the same intent. Village people understand the importance of sharing community with others. They get that everybody needs help now and again. Villagers recognize the importance of connection and that feeling that they are not alone. Our AgingNext Villagers appreciate and enjoy getting to know one another even though they don’t live next door to each another…and if someone needs help? All they have to do is call.

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