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Who said aging has to be dull and boring? At AgingNext, we believe in having fun! That’s why we offer a wide range of activities designed to provide interesting, entertaining experiences that enrich your relationships and your life.

Through AgingNext, you can partake in activities such as book clubs, movie nights, discussion groups, coffee klatches, special events and much more. You might even pick up a new hobby. And you can do it all while making new friends and reconnecting with old ones.

Aging is serious business, but life is meant to be fun. So let’s get living! Call (909)-621-9900.

AgingNext Village

Together creating what’s NEXT in our lives.

The Village is a member-based group of older adults (age 60+) helping each other throughout the aging-at-home journey. As a member of the Village, you get access to fun social outings, new friendships, educational speakers, local trips, book clubs, discussion groups and so much more. Whether you’re newly retired, recently moved, had a big life event such as losing a spouse, or simply looking for new friends to get social with, AgingNext Village might be right for you.

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New to the Area

Make new friends! If you’ve ever been the “new kid on the block,” you know that moving can be very stressful. Often, the hardest part in settling into your new home is making new friends. AgingNext is here to help, by introducing you to the services that make aging in your new home a positive experience. We’ll also help you with the fun part – making new friends and getting connected to the community.

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Events + Activities

Mark your calendars. Get social and connect with people who share your interests. Through book clubs, game nights, dinners, coffee with friends and other great events, AgingNext can put some excitement in your life by offering fun activities where you can meet and get to know people just like you!

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Exercise: Bone Builders Classes

Aging strong. Strong bones offer many health benefits, including better balance and muscle support. AgingNext offers “Bone Builders,” a free exercise class designed to help increase bone density and reverse the effects of osteoporosis. Using a combination of weights, balance and stretching exercises, Bone Builders will help you develop the bone structure seniors need to enjoy an active life. You’ll have fun and get fit at the same time!

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Aging Gets Smart

Knowledge is empowerment. To keep your brain in good shape you have to use it, and AgingNext provides plenty of ways to do it. From videos to blogs, articles and classes that challenge you to think, we offer a variety of knowledge-based resources to stimulate the mind and educate yourself and your family about the aging journey.

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Pay it Forward
We appreciate you.

Paying it forward is the act of doing something kind as a way of repaying a good deed received from someone else. At AgingNext, there are two ways you can pay it forward – volunteering your time and making a donation. Whether it’s driving a senior to the doctor, caring for a loved one to give their caregiver some time off, or pledging money to keep our services financially healthy, paying it forward benefits everyone in the community.

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